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Christmas Card Carousel - 2014

It's that time of year again. A chance to showcase our Christmas cards, probably one of my favorite things ever about the month of December.

We sadly decided to forgo the professional shots this year since we had so much happen and our own pictures to choose from but I'm already planning on booking Becky Young as early as possible for next year. Get ready Becky. =) 

I'm linking up with one of my favorite bloggers for her annual Christmas Card Carousel to show ours off.

Feel free to join in so we can all cyber-stalk each other's!


And the back:

Happy Holidays from our family to yours!!!

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Seattle BABY

I feel like all I have been doing lately is recapping vacations. Trust me, this will be my last post regarding travel for a looooong time. We both agreed we don't want to hop on a plane anytime soon after we landed in Denver a couple of weeks ago from our Seattle trip, I never thought I would get burned out from traveling but I think I might have finally reached my limit this year. Hopefully we can plan some fun visits/trips for next year but for 2014 I am thinking that all travel is over for us.

The main reason for a quick weekend trip to Seattle was so I could finally get my hands on this little guy:

Emerson Bjorn.

He was born back in July and even though I had seen several pictures of him, it still wasn't the same as getting to hold him and see his smile in person. And that little guy has a great smile.

It was also an excuse to get our husbands to finally meet in person after almost 6 years of friendship between Kelsey and myself. 

Traveling out of state to meet someone as a sort of weekend-long blind setup is soooooo far out of Jeremy's comfort zone so I was kind of anxious in the weeks leading up to the trip to see how things would play out. I mean it's an uncomfortable situation for most people and it takes a long time for my shy husband to warm up to people so I prayed for the best but even I couldn't have expected how awesome the weekend turned out to be.

Bryant and Jeremy hit it off right from the start and there were several times during the visit when Kelsey and I would just look at each other in wonder over how well things were going. It was like the four of us had been close friends for years and spent most of our weekends just hanging out, doing activities we all loved together. 

It was also a chance for them to show off how awesome the area of Seattle is and try to help me convince Jeremy how much we need to move there. It's one of the few cities we've visited that we would actually choose over Colorado if given the opportunity. It is downright beautiful in the PNW, especially this time of year. 

They took us to a beautiful lunch spot overlooking the Snoqualmie Falls, a gorgeous sight we were mesmorized by, we just don't have anything like that in our state. 

My girl!

We pretty much have our time together down pat so we weren't sure if things would change with our husbands in tow this weekend. Thankfully, all four of us seemed to love doing the same things and eating the same food so everything turned out effortless. 

We toured the area, sat and talking in their living room for hours, ate all the delicious food Bryant made for us, we played board games, went to the most epic and fun corn maze ever, and so on. It was the PERFECT fall weekend!!!

They took us on their favorite running/walking trail after getting ice cream so we spent a good chunk of the afternoon enjoying the changing colors and autumn weather. Emerson was a trooper and slept pretty much the entire time. We forgot we had a baby with us the majority of the trip because he was so good. 

I want a trail like this so bad wherever we end up. I can picture Willow and I spending hours on it every week.

I wish I had gotten a better shot of their downtown. It reminded me so much of the cute little towns from Hocus Pocus or Practical Magic, it was so adorable and friendly. 

This moment made me happy, happy, happy so I snapped a pic to remember it.

Per the usual lately, I didn't take nearly the amount of pictures I am used to doing on vacation so I'll throw the rest on here to give you an idea of the laid-back perfect weekend. 

We held a certain baby. 

Jeremy shocked us all when he actually asked if he could hold Emerson. Babies typically scare the living daylights out of him so he doesn't start bonding with our nieces/nephews until they are older and "less breakable" in my husband's words.

We did the corn maze... it was pretty phenomenal.

They had a breaking point at the half way mark with fire-pits for s'mores and photo ops.

Probably my favorite picture from the weekend.

And of course we did the touristy thing and spent the day at the Seattle Waterfront after church. 

The best hosting family.

The cutest, littlest host

Two pictures taken in Seattle, two years apart, with one big difference in between.

Needless to say, Jeremy came home and has been upping his search on the job front specifically in the Seattle area. We are both in love with that city. A lot would have to happen but Kelsey and I are both praying on our ends and hoping that if it's meant to be then prayers will be answered and someday we will pack up and head Northwest to stay for good!

And on that subject... more to come on the job hunt soon. {Hint: there's nothing really to report on and the frustration has officially set in.}

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