Monday, July 7, 2014

Farewell Turk

My husband did the unthinkable last week and finally said good-bye to his '97 Dodge Dakota. 


His truck was named after  one of the characters in Jeremy's favorite show "Scrubs" that we became addicted to our freshman year in college. We would seriously sit and watch episode after episode for mind numbing hours in his dorm room until we remembered we were actually supposed to be studying and doing something productive with our lives.

Jeremy had a hard time deciding between naming the truck after Turk or JD but Turk finally won out because of the green scrubs to match the green exterior of the car. That and I think it was supposed to be clever because "Turk" is similar to "Truck"   <--- see what he did there?

Let me give you a little back story on Turk. This car was handed down to him by his dad to learn to drive on when he was just 15 years old. Once he received his driver's license he drove it from then on through high school and college and then after a lot of debate, decided to keep it going through grad school for as long as he could keep it running. 

His mom and I tried for years to talk him into getting rid of it with no success. That vehicle became a close buddy of his and the longer Jeremy owned it, the more attached he got to it. I think back on all of the memories that involved Turk in some way and I have a hard time not getting sentimental about it too. 

The first night I met Jeremy, he took me on a ride in that truck and I couldn't believe such a cute boy had a driver's license and his own car. What a catch. Our first date was in that truck. Our first kiss was right outside of it. It took us on countless road trips to Nebraska and carried us wherever we needed to go. Jeremy and the green Dodge Dakota went hand in hand, they were a package deal.

Packed up and ready to help Jeremy move into his college dorm

Through the years it collected over 200,000 miles on it and every time it broke down Jeremy was able to fix it with his own two hands. He basically knew that truck from the inside out and could rebuild it from scratch if needed. He knew what every sound meant and what the problem was based on lights and movement, sometimes I think he is more attuned to Turk than he is to me. ;)

He's told me since the beginning of grad school that if he could just get Turk to last him until graduation then he would finally consider buying a new car once it broke down again. Turk has been so dependable and reliable through the years that it came as no surprise to either of us when he pulled through each and every time we thought it was finally the end for him. 

A few weeks ago Turk started to make funny noises when we drove it around but like it always happened in the past, I assumed Jeremy would work his magic and the two of them would be off again in no time. 

Sadly it was not meant to be this time and not even a month after official graduation, Turk needed a new transmission that would cost anywhere from $1,500 to $4,000, an amount we just weren't willing to spend on such an old car with so many miles. 

True to my husband's stubborn persistent personality, we fought talked for hours and days on end as I tried to get him to finally accept that Turk's demise was upon us for real this time. It wasn't until I caught him sitting in his beloved truck out in the garage one night, staring off into space, that I realized why he was having such a hard time saying good bye to this car. It may not be a living, breathing thing but it was Jeremy's companion and a fighter, just like it's owner, until the end. 

It was not an easy decision but Jeremy finally relented and agreed it was time to let go, Turk had fulfilled his final act and got Jeremy through his last period in school. On Wednesday morning, we took him out for one last drive together, shot a few pictures for memory sake and said goodbye to our faithful friend of 13 years. 

Willow is going to miss hanging out in the bed

Farewell Turk, you will be missed ol' buddy.

And then we turned right around and started the grueling task of buying our first brand new car as a married couple. Jeremy is a car guy and has been researching for years on what our next car would be. Even though we went into the search with a pretty strong mindset of a Hyundai Sonata, we both fell in love with the 2015 Subaru Forester during our test drive for several different reasons. We both realized how much we would miss having a bigger car in the family, especially with our numerous trips to the mountains for hiking, camping and snowboarding. Not to mention the safety rating and the amazing control while driving in the snow <----- If you know me at all you know I was basically sold after watching videos of it navigate it's way through a snowstorm, dare I say but my fear of driving in the snow may be gone for good with our new little Forester. 

We've decided to let me take the Forester as my car for now since I will put less miles on it and the mileage is better in our Mazda for Jeremy's longer commute. I'm not mad about it. 

Everyone say hello to JD!
{We're keeping it in the Scrubs family; obvi.}


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Things You Learn at a 10 Year Reunion

1. If you  go into the weekend with the mindset to just enjoy the festivities and not care about any of the side stuff that may happen {after hearing horror stories from other people} you will actually have a blast catching up with classmates you  haven't seen in over a decade. 

2. You are surprised by how much you can relate to your classmates even 10 years later until you remember that we all pretty much came from the same childhood. We all share the same memories and the same forces/events which helped shape us into the adults we are today. 

3. More people read your blog than you realize and you start to wonder if you need to find a new website after the 10th random person makes a comment about it. I know blogs are supposed to be public but I would be lying if I said I didn't feel a little exposed over the weekend. {Hi classmates of Rocky Mountain 2004!}

4. People you haven't thought of in forever are suddenly right in front of you and you realize quickly during the conversation how much you missed them through the years or didn't appreciate them enough while they were such big parts of your growing up years.

5. Some classmates grow up and mature past recognition and some don't And you love it! There were several moments through the weekend where I felt like I was sitting in Mr. Schneider's writing class goofing off with friends like it was just yesterday.

6. 10 years pass very, very quickly.

7. Showing off your spouse is one of the biggest highlights of a reunion and you are undeniably proud when several people comment on how much they love him. Yep, he's a pretty incredibly dude and I'm still super grateful he married me.

8. Asking the DJ to play mainly hits from our senior year in high school was probably the most genius idea ever. Jamming out to Britney Spears, N'Sync and Backstreet Boys not only brought a lot of nostalgia but it kept the dance floor packed with the classic moves being busted out by all.

9. The cool kids? They either go one of two ways: A.) They are over themselves finally,or B.) they remain cliquish and stick to their group for the majority of the weekend. But the biggest difference is that most people don't care about the popularity game anymore and that makes for some pretty cool attitudes by everyone else.

10. You hear over and over again how smart we were as a class to vote our president into position our senior year. It was unanimous that no one could have pulled off such a fun event like our Sydnie did. 


11. You start getting excited for your 20 year reunion and the even bigger changes you will see before your 10 year weekend is officially over.

12. You like some spouses/significant others even more than your classmate they're with. And you let them know. ;)

13. Wistfulness will hit you so hard during some of your conversations that you will actually have to stop and remind yourself that it's not good to live in the past and no, you don't actually want to relive high school. There were great times for sure but there were also some times you would rather forget and hope others do too.

14. A reunion held at our home city's favorite bar known for their strong margaritas = Brilliant.

15. People have finally accepted your cousin you went to school with since 7th grade is not your boyfriend after years of us basically yelling to anyone who would listen that "WE ARE NOT DATING!!!"

16. Our class is still as wild as ever when they are able to shut down several bars during the weekend. And it's still weird drinking legally with some of the kids you experienced adult-like activities with a little sooner than you were supposed to. {Just kidding mom...}

17. If you couldn't tell by now, a photo booth at a high school reunion will be taken advantage of when most people have had one too many margaritas at the end of the night...

18. You're reminded why you still hang out with some of your best friends from high school and why other friendships have fallen to the side as each person changed and some of those changes meant you didn't have much in common anymore. 

19. It's been a great and memorable ten years. And you don't appreciate it fully until rehashing and comparing stories with your childhood friends and the experiences they went through since graduation.

20. Promises are made to keep in touch more and you can only hope that the other person meant it as much as you did when making pacts to "talk soon" and exchange contact information.

21. You know it was a good reunion when you see everyone friend-ing each other on Facebook the next day. I lost track of the number of alerts I got showing so-and-so are now friends and would I like to add them as well? Way to be, schoolmates, way to be.

22. As much fun as a reunion is, you walk away at the end of the weekend thankful that even though high school held some pretty awesome years, you have had even better ones since then with more memories to look forward to and create with new friends, new places and new adventures. Life is ever changing and I wouldn't have it any other way.

The best is yet to come free printable from

Rocky Mountain High School
Class of 2004

Thanks for such a memorable weekend... see you at the 20th!

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